Training Veterans for Internet Jobs

So I have been pondering a question for at least 3 years now and came to one conclusion: I don’t have the full answer. However, I do have an idea…

The Problem

Hundreds of thousands of willing to work, smart, go-getter, disabled veterans and veterans who are unemployed with potential record unemployment looming.


An amazing online world, rich in technology, tools, and open knowledge, yet not organized to easily engage and train veterans to a quality paying job.

I have been looking over the rather weak offerings for education and training for veterans and disabled veterans. One Google search here.

The VA and DAV, although doing better than it used to, just isn’t up to today’s standards on 21st century technology and online access to quality knowledge for the masses (meaning training more than say 500 at a time or even thousands). Besides that, they are swamped. There are also lots and lots of hoops to have to jump through (I’ve been there). And all the major colleges just want to sign up a soldier for the full Monty (4 years) and suck out all their GI Bill monies.